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A collection of Uncategorized text messages and SMS quotes

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Text Message 13032: Lessons from crayons

We should all take lessons from crayons: >some are dull >some are beautiful >some are ugly >some are bright but they all manage to live together in one box. 😉

Text Message 13031: Mahalin moko, age doesnt matter

Totoy: bakit hindi mo ako mahalin inday? age doesn’t matter naman eh, ano ba kung 13 ako at 23 ka na, tuli na ako inday. inday: ang pag-ibig ko totoy ay naglalaman ng maseselang tema, lengguwahe, karahasan, seksual at droga na hindi angkop sa mga bata..

Text Message 13030: May number 2 ka

Boy: alam ko may no. 2 ka! aminim mo na! girl: wala akong no. 2! maniwala ka! boy: wag ka ng magdeny! nakita ko eh! girl: ang kulit! wala nga sabi eh! (eksena ng dalawang estudyanteng nagkokopyahan)

Text Message 13029: A couple sees a hot girl

A couple sees a hot girl. wife: so big aren’t they? husband: yes! wife: are they artificial? husband: i think natural. wife: earrings and natural? (husband became silent.)

Text Message 13028: Alphabets intelligentlly arranged

Look alphabets are so intelligentlly arranged… “a”lways “b”e “c”ool, “d”on’t have “e” nemies, go with “f”riends, “g”ive up “h”urting “i”ncidences. “j”ust “k”eep “l”oving “m”ankind. “n”ever “o”mit “p”rayers. “q”uietly “r”emember god. “s”peak the “t”ruth & “u”se “v”alid “w”ords to “x”press “y”our “z”eal.

Text Message 13027: Today say Thank You

Today is simply a good day to simply say “thank you.” to god, family and friends. we all have our fears, disappointments, and outright struggles. choose to let love, faith and prayer be stronger than any of them. have a good day!

Text Message 13026: To see the one you love

It breaks your heart to see the one you love is happy with someone else, but it’s more painful to know that the one you love is unhappy with you. txtb?67

Text Message 13025: First day ni Juan pagkaabogado

First day sa ofis ni juan pagkaabogado.. secretary: sir, may bisita po kayo. (kinuha kaagad ni juan ang telepono, kunwari may kausap siya. naghihintay at nakikinig lang yung bisita, pagktapos) juan: anong maipaglilingkod ko sayo? bisita: wala sir, kakabit ko lang telepono niyo.

Text Message 13024: Tingnan mo ang mambabatas na nangongopya

In memory of plagiarism.. “tingnan mo ang mambabatas na nangongopya noong sila’y estudyante. ngayong senador na, nangongopya pa rin!” ~ sen. miriam d. santiago

Text Message 13023: Prominent lawyer at the Pearly Gate

A prominent young lawyer found himself at the pearly gate one morning. when he saw st. peter he protested that at age 35 his untimely death must be a mistake. st. peter agreed that 35 seem to be a bit young and promished to check the records. when st. peter got back, he told the […]

Text Message 13022: Nagtaas ng kamay

Ina: anak, nagtataas ka naman ba ng kamay mo pag nagtatanong teacher mo. anak: oo naman ma, tulad kanina ako lang nagtaas ng kamay. ina: (nasayahan) galing naman ng anak ko. ano ba tinanong niya? anak: tinanong niya kung sino sa mga nanay daw ang nagsusugal..

Text Message 13021: Isang bata binalot sa sako

May isang bata sa sobrang kulit binalot ng tatay niya sa sako at sinabit sa puno: bata: tay! tay! tatay: ano? magiging makulit ka pa ba? bata: tay! tay! paki duyan naman ng sako!

Text Message 13020: The doctor wrote a prescription for a patient

The doctor wrote a prescription for a patient in his usual illegible writing. everyday, the patient showed it at the railway counter for a free pass. many times, it got him free movies passes and once into an philharmonic orchestra hall. he got a raise at work by showing it as a note as a […]

Text Message 13019: Life can be full of unexpected things

Life can be full of unexpected things either happy or sad. but no matter what things may happen, just always keep a loving heart, a wise mind and a strong faith in god who will always stay with us through all the journeys of our life.

Text Message 13018: One bad apple

One bad apple may spoil the bunch, but people aren’t apples. don’t let the poor choices of one person spoil the way you feel about all people. you’ll soon find that there are a lot of really awesome apples out there. have an awesome week!

A collection of Uncategorized text messages and SMS quotes