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A collection of Greetings text messages and SMS quotes

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Text Message 11764: Tikoy, a true symbol of lasting friendship

Kung hei fat choy! may the sticky & sweet tikoy remain a true symbol of happy & lasting friendship between people, making the world a better place to live.

Text Message 11763: Happy Chinese New Year

(`'” . .” ‘) (`'” . .” ‘) kiong hee huat chai! (_.” ‘ `'” ._) (_.” ‘ `'” ._) happy chinese new year!! :):):)

Text Message 9780: Happy Valentines to all those who are taken

Happy valentines to all those who are taken, almost taken, taken for granted, waiting to be taken, assumed to be taken, & those who aren’t taken seriously. hahaha!

Text Message 9773: Valentine’s Day is not for lovers alone

Valentine’s day is not for lovers alone it is more for family and friends who care for each other all thru the years …. happy hearts day!

Text Message 9772: An early valentine kiss

Mwuuah!! you just got an early valentine kiss. forward to all friends that you love and see how many kissesu got back. if u get 1 = your lonely, 3 = your cute, 6 = your hot, 9 = are you really still single? ..-haha! 🙂

Text Message 9718: Your lucky charm

Kiong hee huat chai! your lucky charm is ur family & yourself. do good deeds to have good karma…. share a little love whenever you can, do a favor to someone. kindness is important, for in the end, it’s between u & god. pleasant day!

Text Message 5303: Which is right?

Which is which?? fight for your love or set them free? which is right? forgive then forget or forget then forgive? wat is really right? i love you because i need you or i need you because i love you? should it be? to see is to believe or believe when you see it? does […]

Text Message 5246: Happy Lunar New Year

Let me be among the first to greet you “xin nian kuai le, cong xi fa chai” 新年快樂, 恭喜發財! happy lunar new year!

Text Message 2942: Valentine’s is a time to reflect on our past lovers

Valentines is not only 4 lovers.. bt shud also b d tym 2 reflect on our past lovers and hope dt dey r alive… alone… and miserable… bwahaha!

Text Message 2940: Pass this heart for Valentine’s Day

  .**,  ,**. *      *      *   *.       . *      “*,,*” pass dis heart 2 all ur frnds & also 2 me. if 5 come back. u’ll get a big surprise on valentines day.

Text Message 2939: Valentine is…

Valentine is… a time to love a time to celebrate life a time to give & forgive and a time to say a prayer for you who touched my life happy valentines!:-)

Text Message 2937: Valentines Day heart

 .**,  ,**. *      *      *   *.       . *      “*,,*” happy valentines day! ü

Text Message 2917: Valentines is Single Awareness Day!

Valentine’s day is..     “single awareness day!” 😀 güd m0rning!

Text Message 2902: Valentine tips

Valentine tips. . blue roses for lovers, wyt chocol8s for crushes, pink balloons for friendships. most of ol for lovless, red.. ..redh0rse! gud morning!

Text Message 2893: We celebrated with dinner

In the year of the rooster, we celebrated with a dinner of delicious roast chicken, last year in the year of the pig, we celebrated with a dinner of crisp pork, i slept early last night!

A collection of Greetings text messages and SMS quotes