Break Up

Break Up Text Messages

A collection of Break Up text messages and SMS quotes

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Text Message 110: Love sucks

“love sucks” it brings pain in ur hart & tears in ur eyes.. but u knw y love rily sucks? its bcoz smtyms ur damn best wasn’t gud enuf 2 make it last…

Text Message 72: Two souls destined to fall in love

If two souls are destined to fall in love, they will meet at the crossroad of their lives. If they fall in love but are not meant for each other, even if they are happy.. they are destined to FALL APART...

Text Message 64: Excerpt from “A Warm Cup”

Excerpt from A Warm Cup.. "I nod, looking at the way you hesitate to take my hand, resting so near yours, I know you're already gone. I will make it easy for both of us, I'll tell myself I will forget the feel of you're hands on my skin. I will smile & tell you that I'm happy for you because that's what you want to hear & that is what I want to believe. I will not hope you will be back soon nor say that I wish I were going w/ you. Instead, I will keep in mind that there is nothing between us anymore. Its just that the coffee is too warm & I am so cold.." ='(

Text Message 38: Pain could melt away the love

I always thought that LOVE could melt away the PAIN no matter how much it HURTS but I never thought that PAIN could melt away the LOVE no matter how GREAT it is..

Text Message 37: Love too can end

When you love, you thought you would never get tired. You thought it would never end. But sometimes, you need to be tired to realize that love too can end .. especially if it wasn't meant to be.

Text Message 36: When we have to stop loving someone

There would come a time that we have to stop loving someone you know why? not because the person started hating us but because the person unintentionally is making us feel worthless..=c

A collection of Break Up text messages and SMS quotes