Text Message 64: Excerpt from “A Warm Cup”

excerpt frOm a waRm cup..

“i nOd,lukin @ d way u heSitate 2take my hand, reSting sO near urs, i knw ur aLrdy gOne.i wil mKe it eAsy 4both of us,i tel mySelf.i wiL 4get d feel of ur haNds on my sKin.i wil smyL&teL u dat im haPi 4u bcz dat’s wt u wNt 2hear,&dat is wHat i wNt 2beLieve.i wil nOt hOpe u wil b baK sOon nOr say dT i wSh i wEr gOin w/u.inStead,i wil kEep in mind dt dEr is nOthn bEtween uS anYmOr.its jZ Dt d cOffee s tOo warm,& i am sO coLd..”='(

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Excerpt from A Warm Cup..

"I nod, looking at the way you hesitate to take my hand, resting so near yours, I know you're already gone. I will make it easy for both of us, I'll tell myself I will forget the feel of you're hands on my skin. I will smile & tell you that I'm happy for you because that's what you want to hear & that is what I want to believe. I will not hope you will be back soon nor say that I wish I were going w/ you. Instead, I will keep in mind that there is nothing between us anymore. Its just that the coffee is too warm & I am so cold.." ='(

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