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Text Message 364: One thing remaining to be pure and sincere

Dspte how our world is fast changng,there is one thng remaining to b pure nd sincere-the heart. take gud care of it by filling it wit love 4 god nd others. hapi valntnes day.

Text Message 86: Love hits us like a speeding bullet

We dnt chuz d prson we fall 4 or get attractd w/.. it jz hits us lyk a speedin bullet & bang! we cudnt fil it @ 1st, unlez we see ourselvs bleedin..=/

Text Message 72: Two souls destined to fall in love

F 2s0uls r destnd 2fol inluv, dey wil mit at d cr0sroad of deyr lives. f dey fol nluv but r not meant 4 each ader,evn f dey r hapi.. dey r destnd 2 fall apart…

Text Message 71: When you truly miss someone

They say, ud kn0w u mis sm1 wen it’s dem u thnk abt wen ur al0ne. but i say, u truly mis sm1 f it’s them ur lukin 4 n thnkin abt… evn f ur wd a hapi cr0wd…Ü

Text Message 70: I might have forgotten

I myt hv 4g0tn 2 tel ur w0rth. i myt hv mssd 2 say u r aprci8d. bt ur exstens g0es by0nd my hpines dt n0 wrds cn evr xpres hw fulfild i am of u being my frnd..Ü

Text Message 66: Silence hurts more

Feelngs r mde 2b xprssd, it s nt mnt 2b helpless nor kept.. dnt b a losr w/o fghtn, nvr mke rgrets 4 urslf 2 suffr, cuz u knw wt? silence hurts more…

Text Message 65: To meet a person like you

Im proud of myself coz i was gvn a chance.. 2 mit a person lyk u.. watevr happenz.. il always treasure u.. coz i know.. “il nver hve another you..!!”

Text Message 64: Excerpt from “A Warm Cup”

Excerpt from a warm cup.. “i nod,lukin @ d way u hesitate 2take my hand, resting so near urs, i knw ur alrdy gone.i wil mke it easy 4both of us,i tel myself.i wil 4get d feel of ur hands on my skin.i wil smyl&tel u dat im hapi 4u bcz dat’s wt u wnt […]

Text Message 63: Shining for someone

1 nyt, sm1 n0tced a star lusing 8s usual bryt. dt sm1 askd d star y.. den d star answrd “i’ve grown old & tired shining 4 sum1 whose glance was never mine”.

Text Message 61: Sin of lying

Priest: nxt sundy i’l preach abwt d sin of lying. 2 undrstnd more,i want u ol rid mark chaptr17.. (d ff. sundy) priest: how many of u had rid mark chaptr17? (almst evry hand went up excpt 4a guy hu dresd lyk a gangster) priest: y my son u hvent red wt i 2ld u? […]

Text Message 59: In a world were everyone you meet is a jerk

In a wrld wer almst ever1 u mit’s a jerk, u knw u dnt nid 2 b serius. hng out, pretnd, & play w/ dem.. hv fun & stop anytym. no atachmnts, no cmitmnts, no pain. cnvinient, isn’t it?Ü bt @ d end of d show, u knw ur stl yernin 4 smtn gnuin.. u […]

Text Message 54: Ill never forget you

Il nvr 4gt ur totfulnez il nvr 4gt ur kndnz il nvr 4gt hu u r il nvr 4gt Ü coz wat uv shwn me s truly ..un4gtble tnx 4 d frndshp!

Text Message 53: If you want to be close to someone

If u wana b close 2 sum1 you’ve got 2 take dat risk… wat f d risk s 2 big 2 take? then u might miss out on sumthng dat cud be prety amazing..

Text Message 51: Love is meant to be free

Dis is d gr8test mstke dat pipol do wen dey meet love… they try 2 possess it, they dmand, they expect… and just lyk d water spilling out of ur hand. love will retrieve frm u.4 love is meant 2 b free, u cannot change its nature. if der r pip0l u love, allow them […]

Text Message 49: Don’t be afraid to take chances

Dnt b afraid 2 tke chances.. evn if it myt get u hurt..jst b str0ng nd tke it..coz u myt b slipping dt sngle chance dt wud change ur lyf & mke u rili happy..Ü

A collection of textspeak text messages and SMS quotes