Text Message 4440: Inside the elevator in TxtBuff 2000

Text Message 4440: Inside the elevator

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    Insyd d elevator, der ws a Nurse & a girl..

    Suddnly, d door of d elevator opens.
    Dey saw a boy rushing 2 ride insde bt d Nurse   closed d elev8or immedi8ly.

    D grl got curious & askd d Nurse:
    “Y did u do dat?”

    D Nurse replied:
    “I know him!
    He’s 1 of our patients hu died   ystrday.
    Did u see dat red tag on his wrist? We put red tags on dead patients!”

    D girl raised her wrist & asked..

    “Like this?!”

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    Inside the elevator, there was a nurse & a girl...

    Suddenly, the door of the elevator opens.
    They saw a boy rushing to ride inside but the nurse closed the elevator immediately.

    The girl got curious & asked the nurse:
    "Why did you do that?"

    The nurse replied:
    "I know him!
    He's one of our patients who died yesterday.
    Did you see that red tag on his wrist? We put red tags on dead patients!"

    The girl raised her wrist & asked...

    "Like this?!"

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  • Gwyneth says:

    OMG sooooo scaaaaarryyyy

  • jazmin says:

    i have a red tag and i am partyin wit my friends and they also have a red tag

  • wae55 says:

    ughh thts weird and scary

  • Cianna says:

    hehe….tat was scary…im scared now…:(

  • mario says:

    This is stupid not even a lil scary:( 🙁

  • Varunn says:

    Suuper scary

  • Nyrelle says: