Love Text Messages

Let our love quotes, love poems and love SMS spark unending love text messages between soul mates. Tease someone with our collection of romantic SMS, love quotes and a platter of love text messages for your palate. Fancy these love SMS as an appetizer to light up the mood.

Text Message 2889: Chocolate contains phenylethylamine

Chocolate is said to contain phenylethylamine. the same chemical your brain produces when you fall in love. no lovelife? eat chocolates!ü


Text Message 1635: My world once crashed into yours

So mch has changed in my lyf,bt u being a prt of it rmains d matr wer lyf tkes me,il nvr 4get that my world once crashed n2 urs and it was beautiful.ü


Text Message 1195: Crossing paths

Crosin’ paths w/ u ws a coincdnce i’l nvr rgrt nor 4gt! cz ur 1 of dos ppol i dream of havin.. i’m so tnkful dat once n my lyf’s journy i found ü..


Text Message 955: My favovite letter

My favorite letter is letter “t” because.. it’s next to “u” =p


Text Message 110: Love sucks

“love sucks” it brings pain in ur hart & tears in ur eyes.. but u knw y love rily sucks? its bcoz smtyms ur damn best wasn’t gud enuf 2 make it last…


Text Message 35: Why we hold onto something for so long

I believe part of the reason why we hold onto something so tight for so long is because we fear that something so great wont happen twice.


Text Message 14: Love is all about facing your biggest fears

Cinderella walked on broken glass.. sleeping beauty let a whole lifetime pass.. belle fell in love with a hideous beast.. pocahontas risked her life for a feast.. jasmin could have had anyone but instead chose a poor man.. and ariel walked for the first time on land.. all for love and all for life.. it […]