Inspirational Text Messages

Got inspirational SMS or motivational SMS? Add them up to our bank of inspirational text messages and, in return, read our collection of inspirational quotes. Inspirational text messages are at once a trivial and powerful force that keeps us moving when the chips are down

Text Message 32: Bless this pretty woman

Bless dis pretty woman, lord,i pray.. guide her footsteps night & day.. grant her courage,j0y & peace.. let her beauty, like mine.. never cease..amen!u


Text Message 18: Thanks to those who…

Tnx 2 dose hu hated me,u mde me a strongr person. tnx 2 dose hu loves me,u mde my heart grow fonder. tnx 2 dose hu envied me,u mde my self esteem grow strongr. tnx 2 dose hu cared,u mde me fil important. tnx 2 dose hu enterd my lyf, u mde me hu i […]


Text Message 17: Why so many hills and mountains to climb in life?

A person tired & down coz of lyf’s trials &hardships askd god,.. “y so many hills&mountains 2 climb in lyf?” god answrd.. “4u 2 hav a betr view.. (“.


Text Message 15: Hardship is one way of proving one’s strength

Hardshp s one way of proving one’s strenth.. so, if ur problem is xtra big, be extra flattered bcoz dats how much d lord believes in u!!!


Text Message 13: Whenever life drops needles and pins

Whenevr lyf drops needles & pins along ur path in lyf, don’t stay away.. instead,pick them up & collect them.. so dat the same pins won’t hurt u again!.Ü gudam..