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Text Message 9710: I wanna be a billionaire

Kn0ck kn0ck! wh0’s there? sting,redh0rse, c0bra energy, san mig light, tanduay ice, the bar .. wh0? i wanna be a bili0naire, s0 freaking bad, buying all the sting i never had. i wanna be 0n the c0ver 0f redh0rse magazine, smiling next t0 c0bra energy, 0h everytime i cl0se my eyes, i see my name […]


Text Message 344: I’m Lilibeth

I’m lilibeth.. of crazy, im a lilibeth of a fool, im a lilibeth of lonely, im a lilibeth of all. oh i need a cure. just a lilibeth of you! xandra