Religious Text Messages

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Text Message 5745: Be the miracle

Never stop believing that dreams really do come true, but don’t just wait in behalf of fate. if you ever feel that you’re running out of options to take,then make one. as bruce almighty once said, “be the miracle.” don’t wait for things to happen; make them happen. g0dbless!!!!


Text Message 32: Bless this pretty woman

Bless dis pretty woman, lord,i pray.. guide her footsteps night & day.. grant her courage,j0y & peace.. let her beauty, like mine.. never cease..amen!u


Text Message 17: Why so many hills and mountains to climb in life?

A person tired & down coz of lyf’s trials &hardships askd god,.. “y so many hills&mountains 2 climb in lyf?” god answrd.. “4u 2 hav a betr view.. (“.


Text Message 15: Hardship is one way of proving one’s strength

Hardshp s one way of proving one’s strenth.. so, if ur problem is xtra big, be extra flattered bcoz dats how much d lord believes in u!!!


Text Message 12: Be a blessing to someone

Dn’t cmply thank god dat u hve much wyl others hve lttle thank him bec. he has chosen 2 bless u nd in return… be a blessing to someone.. göd bless y(“,)Ü


Text Message 11: Daily unnoticed miracles

D mor silently love is expressed d mor it is deeply bound to impress no wonder god loves us in silence but gives us d daily “unnoticed” miracles…gööd pm!