Text Message 59: In a world were everyone you meet is a jerk

in a wrld wer almst ever1 u mit’s a jerk, u knw u dnt nid 2 b serius.
hng out, pretnd, & play w/ dem.. hv fun & stop anytym.
no atachmnts, no cmitmnts, no pain.
cnvinient, isn’t it?Ü
bt @ d end of d show, u knw ur stl yernin 4 smtn gnuin..
u realyz dt wt ur rly lukn 4wrd 2 is sum1 hu cn luk at u str8 n d eyes & tel u he/she luvs u.. sm1 worth evry risk of pain.. sm1 hu’l stay.. sm1 hu wl simply mke a dfrence.. Ü

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