Text Message 59: In a world were everyone you meet is a jerk

in a wrld wer almst ever1 u mit’s a jerk, u knw u dnt nid 2 b serius.
hng out, pretnd, & play w/ dem.. hv fun & stop anytym.
no atachmnts, no cmitmnts, no pain.
cnvinient, isn’t it?Ü
bt @ d end of d show, u knw ur stl yernin 4 smtn gnuin..
u realyz dt wt ur rly lukn 4wrd 2 is sum1 hu cn luk at u str8 n d eyes & tel u he/she luvs u.. sm1 worth evry risk of pain.. sm1 hu’l stay.. sm1 hu wl simply mke a dfrence.. Ü

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In a world where almost everyone you meet's a jerk, you know you don't need to be serious.
Hang out, pretend, & play w/ them.. have fun & stop anytime.
No attachments, no commitments, no pain.
Convenient, isn't it?Ü
But at the end of the show, you know your still yearning for something genuine..
You realize that what you're really looking forward to is someone who can look at you straight in the eyes & tell you he/she loves you.. someone worth every risk of pain.. someone who'll stay.. someone who will simply make a difference.. Ü

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