Text Message 1912: Henry’s mother in TxtBuff 1000

Text Message 1912: Henry’s mother

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    IQ TEST:
    Henry’s mother has five children namely:
    5.(name d last) ü..
    U must reply w/in 1 min.. game! test your IQ!

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  • lyka crista basilio says:

    c HENRY..kapatid nia un eh..

  • yancy says:

    twist lng ung mga names pra malito ung manghuhula ng pang 5th hahaha nc nmn 😀

  • yancy says:

    ahh yah henry nga pang 5th

  • genius girl says:

    ahh lam kuh na c HENRY!kasi dba ung sabi henrys mother

  • den says:


  • shayne says:

    henry phO ung anSwEr…

  • ojin says:

    hehehhe joke lang ha henry talaga yung sagot dahil anak nga sya ng mother nya e 5 lang ang anak diba so pang lima sya…

  • ojin says:

    chuchay dahil tingnan nyo yung vovel ng mga names1.CH-A-CH-E-Y2.CH-E-CH-I-Y3.CH-I-CH-O-Y4.CH-O-CH-U-Y5.CH-U-CH-A-YPANSIN NYO YUNG MGA VOWELSFROM:A to E E to I I to OO to UU to Ahehehehhe

  • michael says:

    i know d answer! its HENRY!..

  • icezorg says:

    The answer is already mentioned above. Starts with the letter H….

  • verdictos says:

    if it’s not chuchay then what’s the answer?

  • icezorg says:

    no, hindi po chuchay ang sagot. hehe

  • adam says: