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I'm nowhere near normal and I am probably a little crazy or maybe really crazy, haha.. but I like it that way.. I'm the most indecisive person I've ever met and I have no idea what I want to do with my life... but I know its going to be great.. I'm excited for the future and done with the past.. I love my friends and family and need every single one of them in my life, (specially my Leene) .. I'm random yet predictable.. I make more to-do-lists than I can handle.. I'm forgetful, emotional, and absolutely amazing (well siguro).. I'll make you think twice.. I don't really trust myself, I drive way too fast even when I have no where to go when alone, aloof and hurt.. I've been through a thousand life lessons in less than 3 years and have learned something from all of them.. I do have regrets but no longer believe in second chances.. This is my life and I'll live it however what I choose.. Im just a girl.. nothing really special about it, computer game freak, I love the beach, born in water sign,I like music, philosophy, history and spirituality.. Meditation is bliss.. Music is my ecstasy.. I love to dance.. I like to keep fit and I do.. I love walking, Sleep is good, dreaming is even better.. I do it when I can.. I love going out, specially when I'm with Him (haha; it's the only way to discover.. I'm drawn to powerful and intellectual people by default and there's nothing I look more forward to than an encounter with a beautiful mind.. I read books when bored..